Guidance on domestic building specific clauses schedules*

You can personalise your domestic building trade contracts by adding extra domestic building specific clauses schedules, that have terms to suit your business.
Not sure what Queensland domestic building specific clauses schedules to pick for your business? Here's some guidance on the schedules from the lawyers*.

Domestic building specific clauses schedules for use in Queensland are special terms that can be added to the general domestic building trade contracts in your TradeBox contract product subscription, being the + One schedule to + Four schedules products.

Currently the following domestic building specific clauses schedules are available and below we give you a short summary of what is included in each domestic building specific clauses schedule.

Personal Property Securities Register

What's included?

  • Detailed clauses relating to the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (PPSA)

  • Creates a security interest in your favour for the goods and equipment delivered to site for the purpose of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

  • Allows you to seize the goods from site if you are not paid

Please note:

  • PPSR registrations will still need to be made to enforce the security

  • Once the materials are fixed to the building or land they are no longer goods and the PPSR registration may no longer be effective

Who would use this schedule?

  • If you leave any goods or equipment on site

  • Please note, that this clause is only the first step in using the protections under the PPSA, you will also need to register the goods and equipment on the PPSR

  • PPSR registration is not a service TradeBox provides

Installation of Supplied Building Products

What's included?

  • This clause protects you if the other party supplies any materials

  • Covers your obligations under the non-conforming building product legislation

  • Provides a process that the other party must follow if you are to install supplied building products

Who would use this schedule?

  • If the other party provides any building products for the job that you install

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*This guidance was provided to TradeBox Australia by Aitchison Reid Building and Construction Lawyers. Individual liability limited by a scheme approved under professional standards legislation. Read more about Aitchison Reid.