About Us

Why did we start TradeBox Australia?

We understand that running a subbie or trade contractor business is a tough gig, and that just working hard isn't enough. You need to work smart and be protected too.

The best place to protect yourself is in your trade terms and conditions. However, for most subbies and trade contractors getting proper trade terms and conditions usually feels unachievable and far too expensive.

We see what happens to unprotected businesses. We don't want to see any more businesses, families and people broken because they weren't protected.

We hired a building and construction law firm!


Our commercial and domestic trade terms contract docs have been drafted for TradeBox Australia by an expert building and construction law firm, Aitchison Reid Building and Construction Lawyers, specifically for subcontractors and trade contractors.

As a subscribed TradeBox customer, the value you receive includes having your trade terms contract docs hosted online for you. You can add the unique online link to each of your trade terms contract docs into your customer quotes, invoices and emails.

To use our trade terms contract docs, you purchase a licence from us for each trade terms contract doc you choose to use. You pay a small setup fee and a monthly subscription for 12 months. The docs are kept up to date with the law during your subscription.

TradeBox's trade terms and conditions launched in September 2020 for Queensland. We will launch in NSW and Victoria as soon as possible, with other Australian states and territories to follow, and Aotearoa New Zealand.