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Customer Testimonials

Turf Green
Turf Green.png

"How easy was it to adopt the TradeBox terms into your business? TradeBox is the most simplistic way to ensure your business stays in tune with current legislation. We find it has been an excellent fit into our business because we complete both small and large projects which the terms of trade need to be up to date to cover you in every aspect should the project not go to plan.

How do you feel about how the trade schedule covers the trade aspects of your business? When working with TradeBox, they ensure you have the right schedules to cover all aspects of your business and furthermore, you are compliant and covered.

Would you recommend TradeBox to other trade contractors and subcontractors?  If so, why? It is the easiest way to ensure our team are following the legal process that covers every part of our business, I am extremely happy to recommend TradeBox to all of my associates in trade."

Geoff Bennell

Director, Turf Green Pty Ltd

Certified Roofing.png

What do you like about TradeBox? The best thing about TradeBox is the peace of mind it gives to both us and our clients. Knowing we are meeting all our obligations, without having to continually navigate the everchanging complexities surrounding domestic building, enables us to focus on what we do best which is providing the best quality work for our clients.

Has TradeBox saved you money? If so, how does it save you money? TradeBox has definitely saved us money!  Not only has TradeBox saved us in legal fees for the initial drafting, annual review and updating of our trading and subcontractor terms, TradeBox terms are written in a way that any confusion or ambiguity there once was in our trading terms is no longer there. Both ours and our clients responsibilities are explained very clearly and in turn we have noticed fewer queries from clients regarding issues that we cannot be held liable for, resulting in less time and money spent responding to such queries. 

Has TradeBox saved you time? If so, how does it save you time?
TradeBox saves us time for sure.  Like many small businesses we do not have internal legal personnel and prior to TradeBox, we would spend hours trawling industry bodies’ websites and emails for updates we needed to know about to ensure our terms remained compliant and up to date. With TradeBox’s hosted platform, we can rest assured we are fully compliant at all times. 

Would you recommend TradeBox and why? Absolutely! In our minds TradeBox is a must for all contractors and subcontractors.” 

​Rhianna Coupar

Administration and Account Manager, Certified Roofing Pty Ltd

Certified Roofing
McGinn Concrete
McGinn Concrete.png

"McGinn Concrete have been using the TradeBox residential contract since June 2021, as a growing need for our company to ensure that all our obligations were met when engaging with a residential project, we have found the TradeBox contract ticks all the boxes.  It is a very easy to input the client’s information and it is easy to read.  We incorporate TradeBox contracts with the use of the Docusign program which helps get the client to sign the contract quicker and leaves a paper trail, with a professional image in the client’s mind.

Since TradeBox [contracts have been] prepared by a lawyer, especially for the trade industry we are confident that it targets our obligations to our clients.  We have no hesitations in recommending the use of TradeBox for your company contracts[.] If you are wanting to speak to us about how we use it you are more than welcome to phone. Thank you TradeBox."


Brenda Sproston
Office Manager, McGinn Concrete


"Belly's Plumbing and Bathrooms would like to thank you for getting us on board with TradeBox. Since having TradeBox, we are confident with the contracts and terms and conditions we are supplying our customers and getting them to sign. It has been far easier than previous contracts we have used in the past in terms of filling out the contract, sending to customers and being able to answer any customer questions with regards to the contracts. Having the confidence to know we are in a strong position as business owners to perform our work has put our minds at ease. We also feel great knowing that the contracts are for both us as tradies, but also for our customers. Their minds are at ease as well when signing up with us. 
The main thing that attracted us to TradeBox was the simplicity of the wording and layout. There wasn't pages and pages of jargon that we were not familiar with. The ease of the contracts and extra documents, such as variation documents, made us want to sign up with TradeBox straight away. 
Having TradeBox has saved us tons of time in administration work. 
We would definitely recommend TradeBox to any trade-based business, especially small businesses. Small businesses often neglect their contracts or find it daunting to even get started with contracts because of the way some contracts are set out. TradeBox has taken this worry away and has made us, as a small business, feel confident with our contracts."

Cyanne Bell
Admin Manager, Belly's Plumbing and Bathrooms

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