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What's the difference between an invoice and a payment claim in Queensland?

Updated: May 28

Latest update 03/08/2023 | Last update 03/08/2023 | First published 18/11/2022 on TradeBox's website, 04/04/2019 on Aitchison Reid's website

What's the difference between an invoice and a payment claim in Queensland?

So, there are payment claims, invoices and progress claims???

Have you ever wondered what the difference is and if an invoice can be a progress claim or a payment claim can be an invoice?

Well we have.

Thankfully, Aitchison Reid was able to provide us all with an article on this very topic, see here:

On the link is access to Aitchison Reid's original article about the difference between and invoice and a payment claim. The article has been drafted in reference to building and construction trade businesses in Queensland only. The difference between an invoice and a payment claim appears to be a very popular question being asked about and searched for online, no doubt by tradies and subbies curious about the answer.

Aitchison Reid, like TradeBox, is based in Queensland. TradeBox is not a law practice. This article is not legal advice and is for guidance purposes only. Seek advice on matters of interest arising from the commentary, information and guidance in this article.

Aitchison Reid’s consent for the republishing of this article was provided to TradeBox in November 2022. Individual liability limited by a scheme approved under professional standards legislation.

The article is best to read on a pc/laptop. If you're on a mobile, read the original article on Aitchison Reid's website.



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