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Explainer on the Trade Schedule Consultation Process

Updated: May 28

Latest update 08/08/2023 | Last update 06/04/2023 | First published 06/04/2023

To convey even better what we've published in writing, we've prepared this video for our Trade Schedule Consultation Process PDF.

Trade schedules are the product of the unique combination of years of trade contractor experience, and years of construction law experience. The only way that TradeBox can provide trade terms that cover real trade issues is by getting the construction lawyers to listen to the TradeBox customers.

Our terms are relevant, meet the unique needs of the trades and give peace of mind. Through our openness to continual feedback, we enable the power of the collective trade community, helping TradeBox tradies to help themselves and each other.

You can better fit your TradeBox Domestic Trade Contract, Commercial Trade Terms, or Subcontract to your trade business and its unique requirements, by adding Trade Schedules to your core terms and conditions on your Focus or Ultimate Contract Product subscriptions.

For example, if you're operating a Plumbing and Bathroom Renovation business serving homeowner clients in Queensland, you could choose to add the Plumbing Trade Schedule, Bathroom and Laundry Renovations Trade Schedule, and Waterproofing Trade Schedule to your Focus Domestic product

This process document, the Trade Schedule Consultation Process PDF, describes the creation of a new, first-generation trade schedule.

Use the heading links below to see the current, live Trade Schedules we have available for each of our Contract Types:


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